[Replay our Webinar] Measuring Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions


As part of the Sustainability Cycles, focusing on the topic of decarbonization during the month of July, the House of Sustainability organised a webinar that shed light on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) Corporate Standard. The webinar aimed to provide companies with valuable insights and best practices for accurately calculating greenhouse gas emissions. Experts were featured as speakers, sharing their expertise on the topic.

Philippe Scholten, Sustainability Advisor at the House of Sustainability, kicked off the session by giving an overview of past and upcoming events related to decarbonization within the Sustainability Cycles. This set the stage for the webinar’s focus on the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

Armin Neises, CEO and Founder of Waves, emphasized the crucial role of carbon accounting in developing effective measures to reduce CO2 emissions. He further delved on the different categories of greenhouse gases and the essential calculation standards underlying the methodology of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Through a practical example, he highlighted the intricate nature of gathering and analyzing activity data and emission factors, necessary for accurate calculations under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Following Neises' insights, Florian Bender, Senior Sales Manager of Waves, proceeded with a practical demonstration of Waves' Sustainability Management Platform, showcasing how companies can digitally tackle the challenges of creating a greenhouse gas inventory. The platform offers practical tools for managing sustainability data effectively.

To complete the topic, Philippe Scholten returned to introduce the SME Packages – Sustainability funding program, designed to financially support small and medium-sized companies in their sustainability projects. The program covers areas such as energy reduction, water management, waste management, and carbon footprint assessment and action plans.

The webinar concluded with an interactive Q&A session, allowing participants to gain a better understanding of the GHG Protocol Corporate Standards and the methodology behind Waves' Sustainability Management Platform. 

This webinar provided participants with valuable insights into the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, sharing essential knowledge with Luxembourg companies involved in reporting.